Home for the Holidays

            The month of December was a hectic month!  I was hoping to catch up on the editing I wasn’t able to do while in the field, but I honestly didn’t have the time.  The first week of December went well!  I was able to get all my pictures in one library and key worded, and also sorted through and edited the very bet and got them on my website.  I didn’t realize that it would be the only time all month that I edited or touched my photo library.  I’m on the road so much, that when I am home I dedicate a lot of my time to marketing and planning for future trips. 

            I sold a few pictures over the Black Friday weekend, and then turned my attention to a private gallery I was doing on the 5th at a good friends place near my home.  He was very nice, and allowed me to set up my pictures all over his house and present my images like they would look on someone’s own home walls!  We did it up right and had wine and hors’dorveurves to get more people to come.  It was a fun and very productive night!

            The next few days I spent trying to plan out my next year, or at least trying to figure out where I wanted to try and go next year.  I always want to try and go to at least one new place each year.  I enjoy exploring new areas and finding places maybe no one has discovered as being a good place to photograph wildlife yet.  On December 9th I took a much-needed personal trip and went to Vancouver, Canada for 5 days to see a friend. 

            Once I got back I had a week left of people buying for the Christmas Holiday, and knew I needed to capitalize.  I spent hours marketing for the Christmas season, and also trying to think ahead to the future and how to grow my brand.  All this made my head hurt honestly.  I was more than ready to head back to the woods and disappear, and just be photographing again.  I miss the woods dearly, but I have to market if I want to be able to spend the rest of the year out photographing. 

            The Christmas Holiday season was good to me, and I sold a number of photos and calendars before heading to Florida, where my family goes every year.  I look forward to seeing all my relatives, and it doesn’t feel like Christmas until I get there.  We play lots of games, hang out together, and play golf.  It’s one of the few times all year I truly relax and don’t think about photography.  I did make a huge decision while there, and agreed in principal to lease a building in Alaska and open my own gallery!  I’ve been looking for a couple years for the right place to open a gallery, and I think I’ve found it!  There are many unknowns and things to think about, but overall I’m very excited about this new venture and step in my career!  I love the fine art side of photography, and opening my own gallery will help me get more established in the photography world of fine art.

            There is so much to look back on in 2015.  I was able to spend 9 months in the field photographing, and even flew back to TN a couple times to do gallery exhibits!  My love for the road, photography, and living out of my 4Runner is still very strong, and only growing stronger.  My most memorable moment photographically was finding and getting great images of the mother grizzly and 4 cubs in Alaska! My hope was that one-day I would get to see one, and the images and time I got to spend with them was just incredible!  I’m very excited for where 2016 will take me, both personally and professionally, and truly believe it could be my best year yet!